Rat’s origin story

4 min readOct 31, 2020
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Hello amazing hackers, i hope you are all doing well and i mean it! Ever wonder: What is hacking all about to you? What am i even doing? All i do is run nmap Scans and the same scripts, what’s the point? Let’s explore the mind of a hacker for a bit.

Today i want to take you on a journey dear reader. A journey of ups and downs and i hope you may take something away from it. This is the rat origin story finally written down but it will be shocking. Please if you read this, do read it until the end dear reader. I want you to get the complete picture and i will keep it as short as possible. I promise i will answer all the questions from the previous paragraph by the end. Here we go…

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It all started when i was about 18 years old. I waited until i was 18 years old because i did not want to fuck up my brain (Guess what? It’s fucked up anyway). My Friend smoked Green (I will not call it by it’s real name as to not trigger bad emotions in people who do not want to expierence them) and asked if i wanted some as well. I strictly said no in the beginner because i was a firm believer Green made you into a junkie due to media but i caved to the peer pressure after a while.

I started joining in on the weekends. The weekends became extended to thursday eventually. I was a sneaky fucker. When my parents took a walk, i would sneak out for a smoke. You may wonder why i am telling you this dear reader? All these events shaped me into the person i am today.

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I kept lying to everyone, including my parents which i am not proud of at all but eventually i got caught. I got clean under the pure supervision of my parents and life was great for a while. I even went to the place where they sell Green with my friend to pick it up and i didn’t get any which made me proud.

Like all good things in life… it did not last very long. I wanted to try smoking again since i thought i could handle occasional smoking but ofcourse i could not. I am an all or nothing kind of guy you know. For a while, i loved it, but that soon turned into boredom. I was bored with the high of weed and i wanted more. I fixed computers at the time and i had a client. This client offered me White snorting medicine at the time. You can guess what happend

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This rat had found it’s cheese baby! Oh yeah! I went hard on cocaine for several months until i needed so much that i spent all my savings on White snorting medicine in a month! I am leaving out a lot of details here ofcourse, i quit for a while in the meantime and took up that Snow medicine again but after quitting that i quit for years.

I quit any drugs. For a couple of years, i was clean as a whistle baby, but i never felt right. I had no purpose in life anymore. Before i was experimenting with drugs you know dear reader? I tried everything under the sun and it was fun! But now nothing anymore and i had to rebuild everything.

I searched for years but never found anything until i found you guys! This community fills a hole in my heart and i am so glad i started making content for all of you. I have a beautiful kid which will always be number one together with my family but this community is what makes me whole.

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I used to be a junkie but now i am guiding light for people in need and i want you to do just the same dear reader.

I want you to document those scans that are so boring in a beautiful article. I want you to share that script you created with the world. I want you to be your own guiding light and show the world what you are made of. And yes, there will be ups and there will be downs but as long as you keep getting up, those downs do not matter.

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